Can I host my own server?

Yes, you will be able to host your own server. We will work on getting a dedicated server version out during Early Access.

What engine is the game running on?


Can I publish screenshots, videos or stream the game?

Currently during development, there is an Non-Disclosure Agreement that will have to be signed to ensure that the game isn’t shown to the public during this stage of heavy changes and modification. However, once we reach Alpha stage, the NDA will be lifted.

When will the game be available on Steam?

We are still working hard on the game, so we have no certain date to announce.

Is $9.99 the final price of Wilderness?

No. The price will increase in the transitions from Alpha to Beta and from Beta to Release. Purchasing now will give you a reduced price, along with guaranteed access to the release on Steam and any Pre-Alpha testing we wish to do.

Will you add controller support?

It is planned.